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Relational trauma

Inherited, generational trauma

Sensitive and intuitive folks

Those who don't feel safe

Painful attachment patterns

Those who want ease around belonging

Shame, fear & anger

Enhance self-regulation & resilience

About My Work

Do you easily feel agitated, anxious, unsafe, insecure, or often need extra reassurance in relationship? 


I’m dedicated to helping people find ease in connecting, feel safe relating, and generally be less freaked out by intimacy ~ either one on one intimacy or being seen in groups of people.


My goal is to help people feel comfortable in their own skin, feel safe relating to others, and deep down trust they belong.


I enjoy helping people develop a sense of safety and security in relationship, so that they connect more easily and also be them themselves more easily around others.


I can help you feel less stuck, anxious or depressed by working directly with your nervous system so that it reacts differently to the situations that would normally cause you to freak out.


I’m here to help you on your journey to (for example) feel comfortable in groups of people, have a healthy loving relationship, know that your needs matter, have better family dynamics, believe in your worth, deeply know that you are wanted, loved and belong, and so much more.

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