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What does my being an intern mean for you?

This transitional phase for me means that you have the possibility of working with me at a deeply discounted "intern" rate through the end of Dec 2023.


I playfully like to say that I have done my career out of order.

I started taking trainings in the nervous system regulation / trauma resolution sphere in 2011. After working in this sphere for seven years, I decided that I wanted to be able to interface with the professional, licensed world more easily so decided to go back to school for clinical mental health counseling at NC State University.

I simultaneously decided to start a family, so a two year program became a slow, colorful 5.5 year adventure. I now have two lovely boys (aged almost 2 and 3.5 yo), and one more semesters of internship. I expect to have my associate's license in January or early February 2024.


My intern rate is a sliding scale, with markers on it for you to understand the different numbers.

$30 is the bottom end of the range, so I don't have to pay out of pocket to work with you.

$50-70 helps underwrite some of the cost of going back to school.

$100 means everything is covered and I get to take a little home for my work.

Anything above that is you choosing to underwrite folks who have less financial flexibility.

The punchline is $30+ is my intern rate.

If you're finding me via this page, please check out the rest of my site so you can get a sense of me, my training background, and what might be possible.

I will be paneled with many insurances as soon as I can be after I get my license. You can check here to see if I will be able to accept your insurance. Some don't happen immediately, but I will continue to work with you on flexible pricing while the process is underway.

I hope to hear from you!

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