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Look Closer, There Is A Way In

Look more closely.

Things might not be as they seem.

Sometimes what may seem impenetrable, solid, and unwavering is just an artifact of looking at something through the wrong 'microscope lens.' Albeit, this is the only lens we are given because it's supposed to seem continuous and unyielding. However, everything has texture, variety, waver....a way in. Nothing is a true fortress.

You may need a companion to do this, and that's ok.

(It's great, in fact. Highly recommended even.)

Finer tooth combs, finer grained listening, and an ally that can help you see things differently are invaluable resources.

When it was formed, appearing indestructible (whatever this thing is for you) was the safest thing your system could do.

When things hurt, our system's response(s) need to feel solid and safe. Thank heavens they can do that. Our wellbeing often rests upon the foundation of a hacked together, 'don't look straight at it so it looks like it's one continuous thing' fabric.

But in a safe enough container with a wise enough helper, we can begin to see things differently. These impenetrable symptoms or these forever experiences can begin to be seen to have nuance, trajectory, texture, pulsation, wiggle, and even maybe a beginning and end.

It's ok you are not able to do this on your own. You are not designed to. It would be a flaw in your design *if* you were able to; it's not a flaw that you can't. Safety wins. That's just biological truth.

But it's possible. And you can.

You're not stuck where you are. Nothing is forever. There is a way in.



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