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Even In The Most Unlikely Places

Even in the most unlikely of places, there is possibility.

Possibility for novelty, newness, and growth.

New growth can always find a way, even in the most dismal, un-life-giving corners.

New growth can always find a way, even in the most dismal, un-life-giving of corners.

Even where all things seem dead, stale, unmoving and unchanging, do not underestimate the power of the little shoots of life. The little shoots and threads and tendrils have immense persistent power. Just as a trickle can excavate a ravine, just as tree roots can demolish a sidewalk, so too the threads of life and wellness have the fortitude, perseverance and the unrelenting power of LIFE on their side to slowly be rebirthed from the depths of your psyche, no matter the appearance of the current surrounds.

Underground forces are unseen yet unstoppable.

Whatever symptom, whatever ill, whatever ick that has happened to you or been put upon you, there is a force of wellness and LIFE that still flows through you. Yes, it's hard to manage. Yes, it may never be exactly the same. Yes, some fucked up shit may have happened. Yes, you have to show up and engage. Yes, you may rightfully not be up for it right away. And still yes, nothing is forever. There is a way. Even the most stagnant, gnarly of internal environments can't forever stop the flow of life within you.

It's just who you are.

You are alive. Therefore, life flows through you.



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