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Communication Skills

One of the things I am fortunate enough to get to do sometimes is act as a facilitator, witness, translator, and teacher with couples who are having trouble talking to one another.

For my part, this work is partially acting as witness to whatever the pain, hurt, or misunderstanding is present.

It is partially acting as facilitator making sure conversation(s) go more smoothly than they might otherwise.

It is part teaching concrete conversational skills that are amazingly useful to help future conversations go more smoothly also.

It is sometimes part translator when there are missteps or miscommunications between parties. I can help put words to what was missed, what is needed, and where the break in understanding is happening.

For your part, all parties have to be willing to engage in this work. It is not worth anyone's time if one party is trying to get another(s) to do this if they aren't interested.

But it's powerful. It works. And the results can be profound.

Email me if you're interested and want to talk more about this.

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