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Kind Words

"Thank you again for your work. It was life-changing for me." - T. O.

"It would be difficult for me to describe the depth and degree of healing release I experienced during the work I did with Amy. In a very powerful and palpable way I was able to grieve and let go of a wedge of sorrow I wasn't even aware I was carrying. This experience, held with such care, safety and skillful attention to what was needed to gently and profoundly move forward, has greatly lightened my load and my heart. All this has brought greater freedom to me in my way of being in the world. I am so grateful." - K. F.

"I was in a good mood on this particular day. There were big changes coming on the horizon, but everything was going well and I was predominately excited and hopeful. I thought I was just going to share a short story at our women's group of how I've been learning to trust in multiple sources on multiple levels. Amy, with impressive acuity, noticed a hiccup in my story, a glitch in my superficial account of where I was in relationship to trust. Gently calling me out, she asked, "What is blocking you from being 100% in trust?" It had never occurred to me that 100% trust was even a possibility for me, or anyone for that matter. I reflected on it for a minute and gave my best-guess intellectual analysis of what I thought was blocking me from trust. I admitted to not feeling connected emotionally to my explanation. Other than an inexplicable and almost imperceptible urge to cry, I felt nothing.


Amy saw a crack in me, a tiny access point, and quickly seized the opportunity to open me further. What followed felt like a trip to the emotional emergency room. Within seconds, Amy had me in tune with the core wound in my life, resonating with it as it made itself known in my body. Previously, my only access to actually feeling it deeply were triggers of major losses. And for that reason, though I theoretically wanted to heal, I dreaded the conditions that would conjure these feelings, and had consequently developed a strategy to keep myself as safe and distant from them as possible. But despite my best efforts, this wound, I strongly suspect, was probably always running in the background to some degree, fueling my anxiety, distorting my perceptions, limiting my ability to give in fully to happiness, to trust. With skill, precision, and sharp intuition, the sequence that Amy led me through flowed faster than my ability to maintain my usual unconscious defenses. It is hard to describe exactly what she did.


I had witnessed Amy guide another woman through this process before. It is a process that is tailored to the individual and evolves as the moment unfolds, requiring an indescribable talent that Amy clearly possesses. It was impressive to witness this woman's transformation from beginning to end, but I never saw myself in her place. I wasn't even aware that I needed that type of intervention. But there I was, shaking and sobbing as that which is usually hidden broke through to be bathed in the light of awareness. Amy helped me to feel it, to name it, to hear it, to know it, to speak to it. I was astonished at how quickly she was able to call it forth, but most surprising to me was that I wouldn't call this an unpleasant experience. In life, when these feelings arose due to triggers, the experience was excruciating, crushing, overwhelming, consuming, awful. But this was happening in an entirely safe, loving, supportive atmosphere, which allowed it all to be felt without shutting down, closing off, or numbing out. The safety of the container that Amy and the other women provided allowed time and space for me to ride the waves of emotions safely to shore. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to witness it all with fascination rather than judgment. What to call this type of emotional excavation still eludes me, but I can say that if you want an opportunity to heal your wounds via a method other than going about life seeking out painful triggers, Amy is your girl." - H. C.

"Amy is better than the best. She blows my mind and then helps me create the mind I actually want. She does this seemingly effortlessly, with a truly incredible level of skill. She's kind and caring, and guides you with focus and persistence as well. She makes the process fun and gentle, guiding you to achieve real, not temporary, change. I've worked with Amy for about a year and a half now, if you get the opportunity to, I most highly recommend you take it!" - K. M.

"Things I have been stuck on are becoming UNstuck. I am no longer afraid of people thinking I am selfish. I truly feel so much more empowered. Answers to prayers are there, clear and pure. When the yicky stuff happens, I am not jumping on it to sabotage and hurt myself. I am clearing physical things from my life, and letting go of junk that has been holding me back. I am not taking things personally. So I would say, her sessions gave me structure to shift. I was ready, but the decrees validated the movement and helped budge the fear." - K. S.

"Amy's work is amazingly kind, compassionate and gentle yet so effective and to the point.  It has the ability to get at the very core of a seemingly complex emotional/behavioral pattern and transform it in an instant. It feels like a huge ball of emotional/energetic string is unravelled in a hearbeat.  Most importantly, the transformational effects are permanent and very empowering. Throughout my lifetime I have been exposed to a variety of psychotherapy and healing arts none of which have been as fast, to the point and as positively effective as Amy's work.  It is truly a blessing to have found you!" - T. F.

"When I first began working with Amy, the shifts she helped me make were so mindblowing I felt as though she had saved my life. I've felt this with her over and over again! Her expertise is simply amazing. Her results are fast and accurate. She meets my needs, whatever they are in the moment. If I want to go slow and really delve into something, she supports that, if I don't even want to deal with it, she makes it happen so fast and with such love, that I'm where I want to be before I know it, painlessly. I know I can count on her to help me get to the other side of things with grace, ease and true clarity. She's rock-solid steady, it's really amazing. She continues to help me discover truth far beyond my truth. Sometimes I was shocked to discover what was driving me, I've felt vulnerable and scared. But she held me in such a safe, open, accepting, and unconditionally loving space, that vulnerability and fear somehow just disappear. Amy holds a space that supports me feeling completely comfortable, and has allowed me to open wider than I knew possible. Originally this made me a firm believe in the modalities. I still think the modalities are amazing, but I've become clear that what I really am is a firm believer in Amy. After sessions there are real, lasting changes. Her skill set is so broad, her mind, heart, and spirit so open, pure, and aligned, I feel there's nothing that she can't help me with." - L. O.

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