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Meet Amy

My Work


I help people be more easily themselves.

I enjoy helping people of all genders develop a sense of safety and security in relationship, so that they connect more easily and also be them themselves more easily around others.

I enjoy helping people heal intergenerational trauma that is preventing them from living as simply and enjoyable as they know is possible.

I enjoy helping people get whatever gunk and stuff out of the way so they can thoroughly and expressively and creatively be who they truly are.

My work is about identity aligned with action. It’s about integrity with who you are on the inside and who you are on the outside. It's about honoring who you are, all you have been and where you've come from, while also tending to where you are going and what's more deeply true.

[while also choosing and claiming who you truly are.]

A bit about me...

I am fun, playful, silly and deep.

I am a mover; bodies make sense to me.

I am deeply compassionate and can hold a giant container around other’s pain.

My play and delight are dancing. Near any kind, but my main loves are contact improv and fusion. I love being by water. Sitting by water stills, soothes and opens me so fully and delightfully.

I scheme and dream. My life is soul and soil. I rest in place and purpose. My community contains me, my friends and loves fill me, and my passions expand me. I bow to embodiment and trust, flow and grace, and delight and love. I trust trust. I trust you. I love you.

(And I offer you a few images here from other threads of my life so as you can get a sense of me as a whole person.)

On a more linear note...

With a Master's degree in Transformative Leadership and ten year's experience facilitating various healing modalities, I blend NLP-based counseling, Somatic Experiencing, Constellations, touch work, and early-attachment healing in support of those seeking to transform their lives, re-embody themselves, and regain their capacity for vibrant health and loving intimacy. 

While I specialize in working with attachment issues, I also can work with trauma relating to: personal falls, abuse, rape, vehicle accidents, invasive medical and dental procedures post op, chronic pain, sensations from lost limbs, war trauma, catastrophic injury and illness, near drownings, early abuse and neglect, birth and prebirth stress and other types of traumatic events.

I rely on the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate itself while also drawing on elements from my other trainings and experiences to create a gentle, caring, and effective treatment for those I see. Some even go as far as to say this work can turn core wounds into core gifts.

Most of the people drawn to work with me are highly creative, in-tune with themselves and their own process, and committed to doing what is necessary to enjoy their experience of themselves and life. Oh, and they're also not afraid of a bit of quirkiness and appreciate doing things a bit out-of-the-box.



I envision a world where it is simple and easy and fun to radiantly and authentically and unabashedly (and powerfully, potently & passionately!) be yourself.

I see the major work of these times as being trauma work. We have so much to rebuild, to reimagine and to recreate. It's high time to get all that is no longer needed out of the way! 

Get your Grandmother's pain out of your bones. Get those early imprints of unlovability (or whatever it is for you) out of your nervous system. Transmute whatever is not truly serving you, and reclaim that stuck, stuttering and repeating survival energy and incorporate it back into your wholeness.

You are marvelous. You are amazing. You are a great being with so much potential. Let's find a way to actualize it so you can fly (and relate, and love and build and create...and just be yourself.)

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