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I work at the intersection of mind and body. My work is neither that of a mental health professional nor a body worker, but bridges the really rich space between the two. Here is a bit about some of the modalities I utilize.

Somatice Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a process that helps enable the human body to complete the frozen biological response to an overwhelming experience, release it, and ultimately heal the impact of traumatic events.

SE is not “talk therapy” – It is a deep physiological process using body-focused awareness and a container of safety. This is a process in which you are involved in every step of identifying and safely healing the wounds of trauma.


More info on SE: Somatic Experiencing


More info on NLP


More info on Constellations



Relational trauma

Inherited, generational trauma

Sensitive and intuitive folks

Those who don't feel safe


Want ease around belonging

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